Saturday, 31 March 2012


Hi today i am talking about arsenal vs. QPR. Now, this was a very interesting and sad game for arsenal since they lost 2-1,so that killed there streak. If arsenal won this game they would have had 8 wins in a row!
Now lets move on to man city vs. sunderland. This was another wierd game for city this time. After being kicked out of the F.A cup, sunderland were in pretty good form in a hard game against Manchester city. Although they didn't win, they came out with a draw and 1 point. Now, my last game is Chelsea vs. aston villa. This was a very easy win for chelsea because they one 4_1 win over aston. Because of this win, there 3 point clear of newcastle who are in 6th place in the premier league.

Well thats the end for today, see ya next time!

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