Sunday, 17 July 2011

full walkthrough for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time!

Part 2 of Part 2!

After kofing/zubat have done there thing, you'll be able to see your patner for example: torchic at the beach saying "wow!What a beautiful sight!" "when the weathers good, krabby comes out at sundown to blow bubbles... then other stuff.
then he find the unconcious pokemon and says "hey ... whats that? whats going on over there? Waah! Someones collapesed! are you ok?"then other stuff.

after all that stuff you'll be able to give YOUR pokemon a name for example: torch or tich [thats what i called my pokemons!]I love those names!
ok see ya next time!

full walkthrough for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time!

Part 2 a stormy night!

First a person [wont be shown] will turn into a Pokemon for example: totodile.He'll say "w.... were am i?..I cant...drifting off...".
then it'll go to your partner for example: torchic outside of the gill. he'll say "Hmm... no.I refuse to be paralyzed by this any longer!this is it. I have to steel my courage today." then a Pokemon will say "POKEMON DETECTED! POKEMON DETECTED! WHOSE FOOTPRINT? WHOSE FOOTPRINT? THE FOOTPRINT IS TORCHIC'S! THE FOOTPRINT IS TORCHIC'S!
Then your partner will say "waah!That was too shocking!Whew... ... ...I can't... ...I can't work up the courage to go in, after all... I told myself that this is the day, but..." then some other stuff. And after kofing/zubat come, it'll show your partner running to the beach and finding you lying on the floor unconscious.
see ya next time!!!!

full walkthrough for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time!

part 1

first you have to answer loads of questions, like
you see a cake that is past its expiration date, but only by one day. what do you do? A: not a prob chow time!
think about it then decide. get someone to try it first. Or do you find yourself humming or singing often? A: all the time! Never.
After   questions, you put your finger on the touch screen until it says to take it will say your aura.
it'll talk then it'll say your Pokemon for example: totodile. Then you pick your partner for example: torchic. Then you can name your partners name and of you go!