Wednesday, 15 February 2012

FIFA TEAM!!!!!!!

Hey! Who do you know who likes Fifa 12 ultimate team? Well i know a few people who like it, and one of them ... IS ME!
This game has so much excitement waiting right in front of you on the screen.
The whole point of this game is that you buy people that are football players, for instants robin van persie.
you can also sell people.
One word that i like is profit. This word means that you buy someone for 500 coins, you put that person up for sale, and they sell for more than you bought them for.
The best person you can buy is called messi.
one way to make money is playing matches.
Or you can buy people and sell them for more than you bought them for i.e profit.
If you go on the computer, and type in, and sign in you can see your team, buy people and sell them or make a new team!

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